Building a Brand That You Love

Building a Brand that You Love | M. Harris Design

I recently got to work with Carlyle Thornton, an amazing blogger friend of mine, and we gave her a full brand makeover. It was such a blast! Carlyle has such a fun and carefree blog, and it was fun to put this all together in her design! When she first reached out and when we met up to go over everything, we talked about just how important it is to not only have a consistent brand, but to have one that you absolutely love. Building a brand that you love is an investment, but an investment that is absolutely worth it. I always encourage people to just take the plunge and work with someone you trust, whose style you know and love, to give you the branding that you want. This post isn’t going to be long, but I just wanted to run through a few reasons why this is important to me, and why it is so important to everyone who reaches out to me about branding.

  • Your brand is the very first thing that people will see about you. It’s not just some pretty colors an aesthetically pleasing logo, it represents who you are! One of the biggest things I do when I work with you is just get to know you and your business. Because your brand will reflect who you are, your values, your likes dislikes, your style. It’s how you are perceived by your followers and your followers. Having an amazing brand will immediately increase your value.

  • I can’t stress this enough but I’m telling you, if you have a brand that you love, you WILL be more confident about what you have to offer! If you have a logo and some branding that you haven’t really invested in and aren’t super pleased with, you’re likely to feel shy about what you’re offering, or less professional. But if you have something that you love, you will absolutely rock your business! And people will be able to tell.

  • Your brand will also inspire you. We look to a lot of things for inspiration but when you have an entire brand that has been built specifically for you and your personality, you will be able to pull inspiration straight from your brand! You now automatically have a style that is cohesive throughout all of your work, and that will free you up to just be yourself in your business.

  • And last but not least, you will honestly have less to worry about. When you have someone take care of your branding, you can pass everything off to them. Whether you need a website face lift, a new logo, instagram or blog templates, or fonts and colors - you won’t have to worry about it. Have someone else build your brand based on your personality, and you can focus on what you love to do! It’s such a time saver.

The most important takeaway from all of this is to work with someone that you trust to do all of these things with and for you!

Check out Carlyle’s post about the brand experience from her point of view. She has great tips for those of you interested in getting into the blogging world! Be sure to check out her site and give her a follow!

Here is a snapshot of Carlyle’s new brand! It has been an absolute blast to work with her. To help get you started, we are giving away one logo designed by yours truly!

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