Death itself would turn backward

"It means," said Aslan, "that though the Witch knew the Deep Magic, there is a magic deeper still which she did not know. Her knowledge goes back only to the dawn of time. But if she could have looked a little further back, into the stillness and the darkness before Time dawned, she would have read there a different incantation. She would have known that when a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor's stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backward."

I think I post this quote every year on Easter weekend, but the imagery of the Gospel that C.S. Lewis provides will never get old to me. Nor will the good news of the Gospel. It seriously gives me chills.

Followers of Jesus obviously celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus every single day, not just one weekend out of the year or even one day out of the week. But there is something so special still about being taken back to the actual day when Jesus defeated death once and for all. It's also a sweet time for me personally because 5 years ago today, God unleashed the weight of the Gospel on my heart in such a way that I may not have fully experienced before. And He did this by taking me back to the last days of Jesus' life on earth. To the Garden of Gethsemane where He asked for the cup of God's wrath to pass. To Golgotha, where He was not only beaten and mocked, but also where He drank the cup of God's wrath in our place so that all of mankind could stand right before a holy God.

So this weekend serves a sweet reminder of the work that Jesus did on the cross a couple thousand years ago, and for me, it is a reminder of the way he has radically changed my life.

Yesterday, all of the Christian faith celebrated a day referred to as Good Friday. It is confusing to a lot of people as to why we call it Good. Seems like we would wait until resurrection Sunday to label anything as good right? We know that the reason we celebrate Easter is because Jesus rose from the grave, but why was His actual death so good? I was listening to a former pastor speak on Good Friday and the way he described it to his son when he asked is this: If you knew that you were about to receive a brutal death sentence, a death that you completely deserved, and someone stepped in to take your place at the last minute, how would that make you feel? Good.

And this good news is brought to completion a few days later when Jesus rises from the grave just as he said he would. So believers of Jesus all around the world glory in this truth because what Jesus did in our place now gives us freedom in Him to stand before a righteous God. And though we will face a physical death on this earth, we are untouched by the second death that is to come. In this, we are reunited with God for all of eternity and he receives the praise that he is due. God receives the glory and we receive him.

So if you're reading this (if anyone is, idk who reads these things), know that this truth is the foundation of the Christian faith. I don't know what background you come from or how you feel about Jesus and Christianity. But if you have been told or given the impression that the Christian faith is primarily about what you do, you have been lied to. Please know that this faith is founded on what Jesus did on your behalf. He drank that cup of wrath dry so that in Him you are free from a life of sin and sorrow and death and condemnation - and free to a life of goodness and grace and worship and assurance.

So this is why Good Friday is so good, and why the Gospel in general is so good. Because God has not left us alone in our sin.

Marti HarrisComment