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Happy National Handwriting day! I celebrated accordingly. It has been a while (okay like a week) since I've set aside this hobby I've grown to love, and may I say it felt great revisiting it today. I've always loved to create, but fell in love with lettering and handwriting in college - and it seems like I haven't been able to put down the pen (or brush these days) ever since! 

There is something about taking the time to write out a phrase/word that really helps it resonate in my mind and heart. Which is why I love writing out God's word and anything that points back to it. I love the quote above by Augustine. It's a sweet reminder, and truth that I often forget. So part of the time that I carved out to doodle this little truth, I spent dwelling on it. This is also why I love this hobby so much. Because a lot of the time it ends up turning into worship. And I also just love an excuse to make anything pretty. I like pretty things. When I first started doing this, I was actually pretty self conscious about what I was creating and it always led me to play the comparison game. So for a while I felt discouraged. But one day I realized that doing this really is something that stirs my affections for Jesus, so it doesn't really matter because I've been given this desire from my Creator to create! Pretty cool that something so small can be a reflection of how we are made in the image of our Creator.

So here's to creating and doing what I love as a means of reminding myself and others of truth. And I want to encourage anyone else who feels like I felt (and still sometimes feel). If there is a passion or hobby or dream you're wanting to pursue but somehow fear and insecurities keep getting in the way, I feel you. Just know that you are made in the image of God, and he has given you specific talents and gifts to honor him with. Use the, and use them well. 

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