the best Saturdays are the ones with no plans


The best Saturdays are the ones with no plans: a simple line that I casually spoke today. Then it had me thinking about life, as most things do these days. I can recall numerous times when I have so meticulously planned out what would be the perfect day. I mean come on, how many of us have done that? Today is the day to accomplish this amount of tasks, catch up with this amount of people, run this amount of miles...the list goes on.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of the time I need plan to ensure productivity, and I am a firm believer of being a good steward of the hours in a day we've been given. But often I find myself enslaved to that plan for the day and before I know it, I am being suppressed by the very thing I thought would free me up. The more I sat on that thought, the more I realized that this is what happens to me with life in general. 

So many times I find myself sitting on the throne of my own plans, selfishly pursuing my own agenda, wanting to rule my own life and leaving no room for the true King of my life. Again, not that plans are bad, but for me these plans have become idols lately. And as a reflect on my life and what the Lord has done, I realize the times when I have most seen His faithfulness and provision are the times when I pushed my own agenda off the table. It is the times when I have taken the desires to which I've so tightly clung, and have loosened the gripped until my hands were open.

So although plans are not inherently bad, I am human and humans are notorious for finding ways to take good things and twist them into idols and addictions. Here's to more days with no plans, and a life that is submissive to the God who created me and knows exactly what I need. Here's to having an open agenda to leave room for the Spirit to move and guide and use me for the glory of God.

Marti HarrisComment